What is End of Life Doula?

An End Of Life Doula is a member of your care team that works privately for you, providing emotional, spiritual and practical support through the dying process. Support is specific to the unique needs, beliefs and values of you and your family. End of Life Doulas work with clients to prepare advanced care planning, end of life plans and Legacies.

End of Life Doula care provides a sense of control, decreases anxiety and stress, and facilitates choices leading to a greater quality of life from the beginning stage to the end stage of the dying spectrum.

My Philosophy

Death is a sacred journey. Empowering you through personal choices promotes living your best life through the dying process. Making meaning and giving purpose to your life can lead to a death remembered through heartfelt celebration of your individual contributions, talents and gifts. As a doula, it is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to be at your side to explore and guide you through the end of life experience. As a doula, I do not insert my beliefs or make decisions for you during this experience.

Who Am I?

My name is Pamela Stadnyk, BSN MEd. I Iive in White Rock and serve the White Rock/South Surrey area, as well as the surrounding areas of the lower mainland of Vancouver B.C. I grew up in a large family with five brothers in Saskatchewan and am proud to say I survived the experience. I moved to the lower mainland in 1980 and this beautiful part of B.C. became my permanent home. I am a retired nursing instructor from a local university with a bachelors degree in nursing and a masters degree in education. During my many years as a nurse in hospital settings and in community settings I have experienced death through the eyes of the dying and their families. As a faculty of health member, my experience with death led to in depth teaching about death and dying to nursing students. My ongoing interest in the death process drew me to be trained as an End of Life Doula at Douglas College in New Westminster. As an end of life doula I offer pan death (before, during and after death) education and emotional, spiritual and practical support, including home funerals and home celebrations. I am member of the Peace Arch Hospice Society, where I received specialized training to volunteer at hospice and continue to attend ongoing training regularly to ensure I am providing the best possible care to patients and families. Currently, I am a support member of End of Life Doula Association of Canada, where I participate in monthly meetings and ongoing educational training.

I am a trained practitioner in Reiki and Quantum Touch, as well as many other modalities of energy healing. Energy healing has the potential to alter the experience of the recipient to ease physical, emotional, and spiritual discomfort.